Grindstone Advertising is a creative and dynamic Digital Agency, and we also specialise in Brand Development. With a passion for seeing our clients’ businesses grow, we love working with start-ups – but we also love the challenge of working with corporates.

We don’t like putting ourselves in a box and never say no to a new idea or challenge, but if we had to list our skills, they would include the following: Marketing Strategies, Marketing Management, Website Development, Social Media Management, Brand Development, SEO, Corporate Identity Development, Packaging Design, Graphic Design and Publishing.

With us, you don’t just get a good design, you get a good design team. We are brand strategists who just happen to design pretty good logos as well.


Lynette Whittaker

Chief whip, creative counsellor, controller of chaos and think tank, Lynette has been in the creative industry for almost 18 years. With her passion for marketing, brilliant design and her constant commitment to the growth of her clients’ businesses, she is now proudly heading a team of strong creatives and other professionals, ensuring only the best marketing and design solutions are delivered to clients.


Ever the student, she has studied and completed courses and training in various fields ranging from fine arts, design, animation, marketing management, social media management, project management, and she even knows how to read a dumpy level on a construction site!


Elizabeth Mclachlan

Zibbie is Grindstone’s highly-experienced Account Executive. Having worked in digital for over 10 years in Cape Town for several reputable agencies, she moved out to Mossel Bay for a break from the madness. As a team leader, she oversees that all project deadlines are met and that the in-house resources are delivering at their best.


Klea Ferreira

Klea was born curious, her first word was ‘more’ . Soaking up skills and knowledge from and early age, she has found her niche in the diverse world of design and advertising and has never looked back. In her free time she’s usually off exploring with her husband and 2 kiddies while cataloging everything with her camera as she goes.


Nicolaas Steenekamp

Nicolaas is a graphic designer, photographer, musician and writer. After he received a BA degree in Creative Brand Communications in 2014, he worked as a graphic designer, translator and Afrikaans copywriter at various corporate groups. In his free-time he enjoys summiting all the peaks of the Outeniqua Mountain range or attempting to break his PB on a half-marathon.


Stefanie Rossouw

Stefanie is not only creative with developing websites, she is also a nail technician and enjoys weight training. Inspired by her family and friends she found her niche for designing and developing of websites. She uses her free time to explore on YouTube to grow her knowledge in beauty, health and designing trends. One of her motos is, act confident and no-one will question you.


Boudine Kruger

Boudine is an ordinary girl in an extraordinary world. After her studies in Potchefstroom, she decided to make her move to the coast of Mossel Bay. And she has never looked back! When she is not typing away on the keyboard, she enjoys the beach, exploring and learning new things.


Anna Smit

When you walk into Grindstone, you’ll be greeted by Anna. After travelling the world for music and inspiration, Anna decided that small town life is the way for her. Finding adventure in everything that she tries, Grindstone was quick to scoop her up and incorporate her natural skills and go-getter personality into our work force. Born in 1999, technology and digital media comes naturally to her, making her a valuable asset to our team. Her ability to keep us, our hardware, admin, and coffee stash in check, coupled with her knack for learning quickly, makes her an excellent fit at Grindstone.

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