Who We Are

our crew

Grindstone Advertising is a creative and dynamic through the line agency with a passion for seeing our clients’ businesses grow. We love working with start-ups – but we also love the challenge of working with corporates.

We don’t like putting ourselves in a box and never say no to a new idea or challenge, but if we were forced to list our skills, they would include (but are definitely not limited to) the following: marketing strategies, marketing management, social media management, brand development, SEO management, logo development, graphic design, advertising, marketing, websites, printing, branding, publishing and corporate identities.

With us, you don’t just get a good design, you get a good design team. We are brand strategists who just happen to design pretty good logos as well.

CEO | Founder

Lynette Whittaker

Chief whip, creative counsellor, controller of chaos and think tank, Lynette has been in the creative industry for almost 18 years. With her passion for marketing, brilliant design and her constant commitment to the growth of her clients’ businesses, she is now proudly heading a team of strong creatives and other professionals, ensuring only the best marketing and design solutions are delivered to clients.

Ever the student, she has studied and completed courses and training in various fields ranging from fine arts, design, animation, marketing management, social media management, project management, and she even knows how to read a dumpy level on a construction site!


Vaughan Kisten

Spending his whole life in Durban, Vaughan always dreamed of moving to Mossel Bay to experience a new adventure. These days he can let his creative genius bloom and he has an awesome office with a view of the harbour! When not waving his magic mouse and creating digital works of art, Vaughan is on the cricket pitch and has travelled all over KZN playing his favourite sport, he even represented the SA Junior team in India.

Admin Manager

Lucille Erasmus

Her formative years were spent mostly in the Eastern Cape and she loves all things nautical / aquatic. Spending most weekends fishing, body boarding or snorkelling with her husband and three sons. She’s had too varied and colourful a job repertoire to describe here, but suffice to say the travel bug has clearly bitten. Comfortable in any environment with any group of people, Lucille has made it a life’s mission to adapt and to not, say never. Mossel Bay will be her seventh home town and she’s been extremely happy with the move to this appealing and challenging location.

Web Designer

Sam Mills

Sam was born in the UK and moved to Mossel Bay in 2006. He has been inspired by different computer languages and writing code ever since his first, “Hello World”. Sam enjoys spending his free time either on a skateboard, or playing video games – it depends on the weather.

Social Media, Graphic Design

Klea Ferreira

Klea was born curious, her first word was ‘more’ . Soaking up skills and knowledge from and early age, she has found her niche in the diverse world of design and advertising and has never looked back. In her free time she’s usually off exploring with her husband and 2 kiddies while cataloging everything with her camera as she goes.