Skydive Mossel Bay

Brand Development, Corporate Identity Development, Graphic Design, Website Development
About This Project

Skydive Mossel Bay offers locals and tourists alike the opportunity to skydive in the Garden Route. As a unique offering that’s predominantly aimed at tourists, it’s important for their website and corporate identity (CI) to not only be informative and in-line with the brand, but also responsive, eye-catching, memorable and fresh.

From the logo to the website, we were tasked to overhaul the brand! Our designer wanted to bring the adrenalin rush of skydiving into the logo, to further translate the experience. The V-like shape of the logo, coupled with the dot, mimics the human body in free-fall while skydiving.

In terms of usability, we pulled focus on the User Experience UX for the website to ensure that it was easy to understand, mobile-responsive and flowed well for readability – while maintaining a visually appealing aesthetic

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